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British Library Hit by Rhysida Ransomware Attack

The Rhysida ransomware gang has taken responsibility for the recent cyberattack on the British Library, resulting in a significant and ongoing IT outage. This ransomware attack marks a major disruption to one of the UK’s key cultural institutions.

Rhysida Ransomware Auctions Stolen Data

The Rhysida ransomware group has initiated an auction for the data it claims to have extracted from the United Kingdom’s national library systems. They are offering this exclusive data to the highest bidder, emphasizing the unique nature of the stolen information.

The Public Threat of Rhysida Ransomware

A leaked low-resolution screenshot from the Rhysida ransomware group appears to show ID scans, indicating the type of data compromised from the library’s systems. Additionally, the FBI and CISA have recently warned about the opportunistic nature of Rhysida ransomware attacks, which target a wide array of sectors including education, healthcare, manufacturing, IT, and government.

HR Data Breach and Security Measures

The British Library has confirmed a leak of its HR documents, urging users to reset their passwords as a safety measure. While there is no evidence of broader user data being compromised, the library is taking proactive steps to protect its users’ information.

Impact of the Ransomware Attack on Library Services

The ransomware attack, which encrypted the British Library’s systems on October 28, has led to a major outage affecting online systems, services, and onsite facilities like Wi-Fi. The library’s website remains inaccessible, with service restoration expected to take a few more weeks, and some disruptions could last even longer.

The British Library’s Extensive Collection and User Base

The British Library, with an annual footfall of over 11 million visitors and daily usage by over 16,000 individuals, holds a collection of over 150 million items. This extensive archive, which grows by approximately 3 million items each year, is a testament to the library’s cultural significance in the UK and Ireland.

Addressing the Aftermath of the Rhysida Ransomware Attack

In conclusion, the Rhysida ransomware attack on the British Library underscores the growing threat of cyberattacks on cultural institutions. As the library works to recover its services, the incident highlights the need for enhanced cybersecurity measures in safeguarding valuable data and resources.

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