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High-Risk Vulnerability in WordPress Backup Migration Plugin

A significant security threat has emerged in the form of a critical WordPress Backup Migration plugin bug, affecting over 90,000 installations. This WordPress bug poses a substantial risk, allowing attackers to execute remote code and compromise websites.

The Severity of the WordPress Backup Migration Plugin Bug

Discovered by the Nex Team and reported to Wordfence, the WordPress Backup Migration plugin bug, identified as CVE-2023-6553, carries a high severity rating of 9.8/10. This flaw affects all versions of the plugin up to 1.3.6 and enables attackers to execute code remotely without requiring user interaction.

Mechanism of Exploitation in the WordPress Bug

CVE-2023-6553 facilitates unauthenticated attackers to inject PHP code through the /includes/backup-heart.php file of the plugin, leading to remote code execution. This vulnerability results from the manipulation of values passed to an ‘include’, enabling execution of malicious code on the server.

Technical Breakdown of the Vulnerability

Within the Backup Migration plugin’s /includes/backup-heart.php file, an inclusion of bypasser.php from the BMI_INCLUDES directory is attempted. However, the BMI_ROOT_DIR, defined by the content-dir HTTP header, is susceptible to user manipulation, presenting a critical security gap.

Immediate Patch Release for the Vulnerability

Upon notification of this critical WordPress Backup Migration plugin bug on December 6, the developers at BackupBliss promptly released a patch. Despite this, nearly 50,000 WordPress sites using vulnerable plugin versions remain unsecured, as indicated by WordPress.org download statistics.

Importance of Updating Against the WordPress Bug

Website administrators are strongly encouraged to update their WordPress Backup Migration plugin to mitigate the risk posed by CVE-2023-6553. This critical vulnerability can be exploited remotely by unauthenticated actors, making prompt action essential.

Additional WordPress Security Concerns

This vulnerability disclosure coincides with a phishing campaign targeting WordPress administrators and a recent fix for a Property Oriented Programming (POP) chain vulnerability in WordPress, highlighting the ongoing cybersecurity challenges within the platform.

Addressing the Urgent WordPress Backup Migration Plugin Bug

To conclude, the discovery of the WordPress Backup Migration plugin bug emphasizes the need for constant vigilance and timely updates in web security. Administrators must act swiftly to safeguard their sites against this and other emerging threats.

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