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The Perilous Surge of Ransomware Attacks

In the face of decreasing cyber activities during the summer, September witnessed an alarming surge in ransomware attacks. Specifically, data suggests that ransomware groups have been increasingly active, launching a significant number of assaults during this period.

While Clop’s activities seemed to be dormant in September, potentially hinting at an upcoming significant assault, the escalation in numbers was primarily attributed to other ransomware groups. Leading the charge were LockBit 3.0, committing 79 attacks, trailed by newcomers like LostTrust with 53, and the notorious BlackCat with 47 assaults.

Making its debut, LostTrust swiftly climbed the ranks. It’s speculated that LostTrust might be a rebranded version of MetaEncryptor, given the notable similarities in their coding patterns. They’ve already made their mark, having encrypted several organizational networks, with some even facing data breaches.

Another group worth mentioning is RansomedVC. With 44 attacks under its belt, it specializes in exploiting GDPR reporting threats. However, a closer scrutiny of their claims indicates some might be overstated. Thus, it’s imperative to note that approximately 20% of September’s attacks were orchestrated by emerging ransomware groups, underlining their ambition and capacity for expansion.

Examining the geographical distribution of these attacks, North America endured the majority, accounting for half of them. Europe wasn’t far behind, enduring 30%, while Asia contended with 9%.

In terms of industries at the receiving end, the ‘industrial’ sector – encompassing construction, engineering, and commercial services – was the most afflicted, facing 169 attacks. Following closely were ‘consumer cyclicals’ like retail, media, and hotels with 94 attacks. The technology realm, inclusive of software, IT services, and telecommunications, witnessed 52 attacks. Meanwhile, the healthcare sector had to deal with 38.

2023: A Year of Records for Ransomware?

NCC’s revelations are grim. From January to September 2023, nearly 3,500 attacks have been documented. Extrapolating from this trend, it’s anticipated that the tally might approach the 4,000-mark by year-end. This projection is in line with Chainalysis’s earlier predictions, which forewarned 2023 being an unprecedented year in terms of ransomware payments.

Regardless of the relentless endeavors by law enforcement agencies to mitigate this menace, ransomware persists in evolving. It’s an ever-adaptive threat, incessantly refining its methods of entry and adopting even more clandestine tactics and tools.

The Ever-growing Challenge of Ransomware Attacks

The surge in ransomware attacks is undeniable and poses an ever-increasing threat to global organizations. With emerging groups showcasing their capability and existing ones refining tactics, the challenge remains ever-present.

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ransomware attacks
Ransomware Attacks