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CISA Warns of Adobe ColdFusion Security Risks

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued a critical warning about ongoing hacker attacks exploiting a vulnerability in Adobe ColdFusion, identified as CVE-2023-26360. This vulnerability poses a significant risk, particularly for government servers.

The Critical Adobe ColdFusion Vulnerability

This security flaw enables arbitrary code execution on servers running vulnerable versions of Adobe ColdFusion. Specifically, it affects Adobe ColdFusion 2018 Update 15 and earlier, as well as 2021 Update 5 and below. Adobe addressed this issue in mid-March with the release of updates for these versions, but the exploitation of this vulnerability remains a concern.

CISA Alerts on Continued Exploitation of CVE-2023-26360

CISA’s recent alert emphasizes that CVE-2023-26360 is still being actively exploited, referencing incidents from June that affected two federal agency systems. These incidents involved outdated versions of Adobe ColdFusion that were susceptible to various vulnerabilities.

Incident Analysis: Federal Agency Systems Compromised

CISA detailed two separate incidents where attackers leveraged this vulnerability. The first, on June 26, involved a server running Adobe ColdFusion v2016.0.0.3, where attackers deployed a web shell and conducted reconnaissance activities. The second incident, on June 2, targeted a server running Adobe ColdFusion v2021.0.0.2, leading to the deployment of a remote access trojan.

CISA’s Recommendations for Mitigating Risks

To counteract these threats, CISA advises upgrading to the latest version of Adobe ColdFusion, implementing network segmentation, installing firewalls or Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), and enforcing policies for signed software execution.

CISA’s Continued Vigilance Against Adobe ColdFusion Threats

In conclusion, CISA’s’ alert on the ‘Adobe ColdFusion vulnerability underscores the importance of staying vigilant and up-to-date with software updates to mitigate cybersecurity risks. As CISA continues to monitor and respond to these threats, it remains crucial for organizations to follow recommended security practices.

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